Wednesday, November 02, 2005

New digs

The move happened a couple hours later than planned, but Mom is now settled in the Palliative Care Center at 151 Sotoyome Street (across from Memorial Hospital). We can happily report that the move went off without incident.

Mom is in room 30. Family can visit this facility 24 hours a day, and all visitors are welcome during the day. If you've been waiting to visit Mom until she moved into a fancier neighborhood, now's the time!


rick and stephanie said...

Karen please give your mom a hug and tell her we love her.
That goes double for you guys. I just went thru this with my uncle. I know how hard it is to watch someone you love is this conditon. Hang it there and know that prayers are with all of you.

Wish I was closer so I could take a shift for you

Love, Stephanie and Rick of course

7:09 PM  

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