Saturday, October 15, 2005

A bit of good news...

The doctor now says that the staff infection that Mom picked up is the same common staff virus that exists on everyone's skin, and is relatively benign. She probably picked it up when she was given a shot and a bit of the virus was picked up from the skin onto the needle. These types of staff infection are reportedly not serious.

So she will stay on medication for the infection for the time being, but may be released from the hospital soon -- Yea! She's been running a low fever in the evenings and the doctor would prefer she go a full 24 hours with no fever before releasing her, but the expectation is that she'll be able to kick the fever in short order.

Mom is still dealing with a lot of pain, primarily in her back. The doctor is now uncertain if the pain is a result of the lung infection, the progression of her cancer, or possibly that her back has gone out of alignment from spending so much time in bed. It's likely that the answer is some combination of all three. Regardless, she continues to receive medication for the pain.

But the news about the infection is good news indeed. We're hoping that the fever will pass quickly and Mom gets to head home very soon.


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