Friday, October 14, 2005

Continuing the Battle

Although Mom is continuing to receive a smorgasboard of antibiotics, the main focus lately has been on pain control. Because she was requesting pain medication about every two hours, the doctors have decided to give her a pain patch that is time released. The first patch didn't seem to have much of an effect, so they doubled the dose this morning. She can still have the other pain medication, as needed, but we are hoping that the patch will allow her to use less of that medication, which in turn will allow her to be more conscious and alert (and pain free), rather than knocked out and pain free.

FYI: Her pain has mostly been in her upper spine area and across her shoulders, particularly her right shoulder. I'm sure some of the pain is from the lung infection, but it is possible that the tumor is pushing on nerves in her neck, contributing to the pain. Her pain is very manageable as long as she doesn't move ANYTHING. However, she starts coughing and her level of pain goes off the charts. Please pray that the doctors find the right combination of treatments that will make her comfortable.


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