Friday, October 14, 2005

Back in the Hospital

Mom has been back in the hospital since early in the week. She had a touch of pneumonia, and so the doctor wanted to get it cleared up. The good news is that the pneumonia seems to be under control. The bad news is that Mom has contracted a minor staff infection.

The only cure for the staff infection is antibiotics of course, so Mom won't be allowed to go home as long as she needs to keep getting the medication. The doctor tells her that this could take anywhere from a week to six weeks (!), but we're all pulling for Mom to kick the infection quickly.

Mom's incredible care giver, Frances, is dealing with a very unfortunate family emergency, and so has had to go home. We wish her well, and hope that she and her family can heal quickly from this very sad occurence. We also hope Frances is able to rejoin us soon.

With Frances' absence, Karen and Donna are staying with Mom (in shifts) pretty much non-stop. This is to help with Mom's personal care since the hospital staff focuses strictly on medical issues (medication, monitoring Mom's vitals, etc.). If anyone has some time that they could spend with Mom, Karen and Donna would really appreciate the help.

The best would be for Mom to be able to go home of course, so keep her in your thoughts and prayers, and hope for a speedy recovery!


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