Sunday, October 30, 2005

And now we wait...

We know a lot of people are checking this page for updates. We apologize for not having updated it in a couple days, but we haven't had the time (or the energy) because a lot has happened.

Mom had a severe coughing episode on Saturday, so much so that we thought we would lose her during the event. During that episode, she lost another significant amount of blood, and began to cough up other... well, "stuff". (The details aren't important, but it was quite gruesome.) But being the tenacious (OK, stubborn) bird that she is, she managed to survive through what even the nurses thought would be her demise.

Since that time, she has lapsed into what is effectively, if not actually, a coma. She hasn't responded to anyone in over 24 hours now. Not even turning her to change the bedding -- which up until now had to be done very carefully to limit the pain that it caused -- has aroused so much as a snicker.

She has had no appetite since before her last episode. The only fluids she is receiving are those necessary to deliver her pain medications. We continue to watch Mom very closely (the family is continuing our 24 hour vigil), but we are in full "comfort care" mode as we wait for Mom to be ready to move on.

Visitors are still welcome: she has expressed a desire to be around as many people as possible from the very beginning. And even though you'll have to settle for chatting with whovever is currently on "Mom Watch", she would probably welcome some new voices to listen to for a while. Hearing is the last sense to go, so we suspect she's listening in on at least some of the conversation.


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