Tuesday, October 25, 2005

We're homeward bound (we hope!)

It's true. Everyone at the hospital says that Mom can go home tomorrow (Wednesday). The doctor was ready to release her over the weekend, but because she is going to need continuing medical care for a few more weeks, we had to wait until the Home Health Care agency had a nurse for us. The reason for the additional care is to make sure that the staff infection is irradicated.

Mom had a good day today - for the most part. She did have a mucus plug that obstructed her airway today. Those are NOT fun - for any of us, but mostly Mom gets panicked when she can't get air (and rightly so!!!). When this happens, we have a saline solution that we squirt into her trach tube, and suction her airway like mad. This is followed by a breathing treatment (like for asthma) to stop the spasming muscles and reopen her airway. When all is said and done, she feels great!

But the rest of her day went very well. The pain medication is such that she is alert and active and comfortable. The physical therapist came by today and Mom was able to do an entire lap around the hospital ward. Not bad for someone who has been in bed - and extrememly ill - for the past month! I was proud of her, but you could tell by the smile on her face that she was proud of herself too!

I'm sure tomorrow will be an exhausting day for all: getting set up at home and trying to establish our own routine without hospital staff support. But this has been the goal all along: get Mom home and comfortable. Once the antibiotic treatment is complete, the plan is to have Hospice come in and be involved in her care from that point on.

One last thought for tonight: You would be amazed at Mom. If you didn't know she had a terminal disease, you wouldn't ever guess. She is strong, extremely coherent (I still can't get away with anything!), and still herself. She loves to laugh and socialize, and she is bound and determined to do things her way. Thank you all for your prayers. God is definitely listening.


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