Friday, October 28, 2005

A tough night

Mom had a pretty difficult night. She is, however, resting comfortably at the time that this is being written.

She had a coughing episode that resulted in a lot of blood loss last night around 1:30 am. The loss has slowed since then, and she was able to start resting as of about 2:30 am.

Her coughing returned for a bit this morning, but not as severely as what she went through last night. She is now resting again. Amazingly, she is alert and coherent, still recognizes everyone, and appreciates seeing familiar faces.

She is on a continous anti-anxiety medication to help her deal with the stress and fear, and she has limited control of her own pain medication. Her pain actually remains fairly low over the last 36 hours, but since she can only communicate by hand signals and our ever-improving ability to read lips (she can't talk at all anymore), we thought it best to give her the ability to determine when she needs a little extra dilaudid.

If you would like to come by, please do so. As I mentioned, she can't talk, but she is happy to listen to those in the room, and likes having the company.


Robert Clifton said...

My name is Robert Clifton, I am the son of Lucille Clifton (Keuning) who was Frank Kibbish sister. I was searching for genealogy sites and found this one. Frank and Evelyn would be my aunt and uncle and you my cousin if this is the right site. I have some memories of Frank and Evelyn from my childhood but I have lost track of every one since mom died.
I hope your mom is doing better today and you and your familly are well.
Robert Clifton (

7:08 AM  

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