Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Why did the patient cross the road?

Apparently, to get to Palative Care.

Despite our concerns over the pain she may have to endure if moved, Mom is scheduled to be transferred to the Palliative Care Center across the street from Memorial Hospital (151 Sotoyome Street) at 1:30 PM today. The facility is owned and operated by the same people that run Memorial, so we have been assured that the care will be comparable if not better since this facility exists specifically to support patients like Mom.

We're told this is necessary because they have admitted additional patients into the Oncology ward, and would like to have Mom's bed available. Even if she stays she will gain a roommate, which would be inconvenient for Mom and us, and -- given Mom's condition -- possibly disturbing for the roommate and their family.

At the Palliative Care Center, every patient has their own room, and all rooms have 24 hour access for family members. I went over to the facility to check it out, and I admit I'm impressed. I think it will be a good place for Mom, provided we can get her there without incident.

With that in mind, we have been assured that all preparations and precautions will be taken in moving her. In addition, Dr. Johanson -- who is the Director of the Palliative Care Center, the head of the local Hospice organization, and a consulting physician on Mom's case -- has agreed to be there to personally oversee the transfer. He has promised to stop the transfer in its tracks if Mom appears to be in any discomfort.

We'll try to update this page again later this afternoon or this evening with the details of how all this goes...


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